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comaX cocktail.

1/3 Redbull, 1/3 Vodka, 1/3 Oasis (Apple, Blackcurrant, Raspberry). Serve chilled.



The Movies Samples in Music Database is a free and open project to reference movie samples and quotations that can be found in music. Anyone can search and participate, no inscriptions needed ! Why, do you ask ? It helps identify the quotes, it makes you discover movies, or artist that have used a movie you like. Since artists rarely use quotes without reason, it also helps getting a better understanding, or even an new meaning to your favourite tunes !


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Yamas stands for Yet Another Man in the middle (MITM) Automation Script. Obviously, it aims at facilitating the use of a MITM attack. It uses either ettercap or arpspoof to poison a victim's ARP cache. It also uses sslstrip to strip ssl off the traffic so that the credentials are transmitted as clear text. Then a parser of my own parses through the output in real time to display the sniffed credentials, and from what website they are.

Linux scripts

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This section is dedicated to small scripts I like but mostly I participated to. For now there are a few scripts regarding different domains : wifi managing, dictionnary sorting, java infection, anti-virus evasion.

4Chan drinking game


Prepare to get wasted.